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The Undertaker Vs Sting

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If it had been 10 years ago, it would have been a great match, but they're both too far past their prime to really sell it at this point. Initially, I was really excited about the rumors for it, but I think Undertaker has aged too much for it to really live up to the potential. He was really mediocre in the Lesnar match, and it's not going to be better if he's working with someone his own age who might not pick up the slack as well. I'd love to see it for the sake of nostalgia, but I think it'll be disappointing if it even happens. Sting apparently wants to do it, and it seems like he's in good shape and could pull a good match off with the right opponent, but I don't think Taker is healthy enough for it at this point. He barely made it into the last couple Manias, and left XXX with a concussion. His body can't take this kind of action anymore. My inner child wants it to happen, but rationally, I think it's a bad idea. They might come up with a good story, and I think their gimmicks could go well together, but the in-ring stuff is just gonna be two old dudes flopping around.

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