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Top 100 Radiohead Songs Fifth Edition - Submit Your List Here!


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not definite but my top 20 would look something like


street spirit

the tourist

climbing up the walls

how i made my millions

how to disappear completely


you and whose army

i might be wrong

life in a glass house



there there

gagging order

15 step


weird fishes/arpeggi

house of cards



ful stop

present tense

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In no particular order but my top 35 is something like:



Fake Plastic Trees

Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Talk Show Host

Exit Music (For A Film)

Let Down

Climbing Up The Walls


Everything In Its Right Place

The National Anthem

How To Disappear Completely


Pyramid Song

You And Whose Army?

Life In A Glasshouse


Where I End And You Begin

There, There

A Wolf At The Door

Gagging Order



Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

All I Need

Faust Arp



Lotus Flower


Decks Dark

Ful Stop


The Numbers

Present Tense

True Love Waits

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  • 6 years later...

16 pages of posts... I have been waiting and waiting, checking daily, hourly, praying that one day OP would finally calculate and share the results as promised. 7 years I've waited... 7 years of disappointment. 7 years of betrayal. I don't know if I'll ever be able to trust another human being again. The psychological damage this has caused me is beyond repair. Just to be able to write this post, to have gathered my wits to this extent, has cost me so much in therapy appointments and psychiatric treatment that I am now bankrupt, destitute... Yet I am still far from a sound mental state. And this is all because of OP's blithe neglect, I assure you. Before I had the misfortune of participating in this farcical testament to the pointlessness of all human endeavor, I was a cheerful man, an optimistic man, capable of love and trust in my fellow human being. How naive and foolish I was. At this point, I can only offer my bitter, bitter thanks to OP for disabusing me of all notions of human worth... of the value in anything really, when it can be torn away from you so heartlessly. I hope it was worth it, OP. I hope whatever time you saved, by not bothering to give the participants of this poll the basic satisfaction of knowing the final result... I hope that was time well spent... For it opened up within me a gaping black chasm, an empty abyss where once I found meaning. But then again, I know now that hope is a mistake.

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