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I Might Be Wrong


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Thom: (Half-sings) "'I used to think there was nothing left at all.' It's a document of a complete crisis point, basically. I live on a beach and one night I went out on my own and looked back at the house and even though I knew there was nobody there, I could see a figure walking about inside. Then I went back to the house and recorded that track with this presence still there." Q: "This was some sort of stalker?" Thom: "No, it was all in my mind, as usual (laughs). The song really comes as much from what my long-term partner Rachel was saying to me, like she does all the time, "Be proud of what you've done. Don't look back and just carry on like nothing's happened. Just let the bad stuff go." When someone's constantly trying to help you out and you're trying to express something really awful, you're desperately trying to sort yourself out and you can't - you just can't. And then one day you finally hear them - you finally understand, after months and months of utter fucking torment: that's what that song is about."


so there. it's about the possibility of being wrong about everything being terrible, the idea of carrying on as if nothing terrible is happening, and most of all, what would i do

if i did not




so there


i guess.

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One of the things I enjoy watching live versions of IMBW is Thom on tambourine if there is one person who can make tambourine sexy it is Thomas Edward Yorke. #2 is Esmeralda. I don't know any other tambourine player.


ALTHOUGH. Recent performances of IMBW sees Thom on guitars I think as early as 2009 tambourine was ditched and then revived when Clive Deamer came on board. psh

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