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Petition to make Your Art its own forum


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- Computer Geekdom to be renamed to 'Computers and Games' (this is for backwards compatibility for when people have referred to it as CG)


yeah. As is, it's kind of jarring to have them both together but there's definitely not a need to split them and this would be more intuitive
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i remember requesting a game forum a long long long time ago.  i think dylan was still the mod at that time.  still like the idea, but if they're thinking of streamlining, i don't know how that would go down.


i think ideally they should change cg to technology and a separate forum for gaming.  and they could put all the art forums into one mega art forum and have each faction be a sub forum - like



. . . . music

. . . . film

. . . . literature

. . . . fine art (including painting, sculpture, photography, drawing)

. . . . your art (would include anything created by mt peeps)


so it would be radiohead forums upstairs, and then downstairs would be gen chat, current events (news, politics), technology, MEGA ART!!!, sports, gaming, shr


thats my suggestions, but still probably not streamline-y enough for some.

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i'm open to my mind being changed but i really don't see any advantages to having everything be in one big forum

the advantage is more visibility for all threads, more ppl going into threads they might not go into otherwise for more interesting conversation, and also just things generally not feeling so dead. we don't have enough different ppl posting all the time to sustain so many subforums, but when you start to pick and choose which stay and which go, nobody is ever satisfied!


i propose we merge all the 'fums and then use tags to create subforum-like categories.

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