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Which song are you obsessed with nowadays?


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So that Top 100 RH songs thread made me listen to Thinking About You and I had to fix that so put on Kid A because and goodness gracious goddamn




I mean I know I love this record every inch every note but everytime I put it on




My heart feels like its swelling so much I think if I'm getting an MRI scan rn it'll prolly look worrisome. I can die like this I don't mind







This song.


Saved me so many times I can't even




I've always wanted to listen to a Radiohead album with an MTer this has not happened yet only songs/covers to be exact and Kid A would be excellent choice but now I change my mind maybe something else cause honestly I think I might cry cause feels~



Can we have a Kid A by-proxy listening and jizz party ala MFPWY at least then I can cry freely

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Not really into their music as much as in the past, but I still listen to There There a lot, melodic genius, pure magic!!


Amnesiac B-Sides are also pure honey syrup with gold coating.


Found the recording of HTTT disappointing, songs were good though.


IR was pretty good, but lacked something in the studio, songs like Videotape and Jigsaw lacked energy and tempo. Had they recorded Videotape in 1995, it'd have super cool strings, maybe keyboards and more full band layers etc.


TKOL was the same, lacked energy in the studio, or at least it sounds that way from the final recording, unless lo-fi and very layered was the intention. 


Think the band needs to rediscover the rawer sounding elements of song recording with an acoustic guitar again and chords. That's when they truly shine.


If they're going to pursue experimental electronic music, then they were at their best on the Amnesiac B-Sides. 

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