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Which song are you obsessed with nowadays?

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Yeah, I love that recording.  It was on my iPod playlist during my backcountry hike in Yellowstone last Saturday.  In fact, my entire playlist included Radiohead, Thom Yorke solo and Atoms For Peace. 

I don’t understand the idea of going to a remote trail in a place like Yellowstone and wanting to hear the sounds of birds and waterfalls covered up by Thom Yorke’s familiar moaning. I love listening

Hmm there was this guy on Atease who also underlined a lot of stuff. Radiohead brings out the underlining tendencies in people. I can just imagine how tasty an obsessive underliner would be to a bear.

If Spectre is the standard it probably beats Amnesiac. Of HTTT, the only bsides I rate highly are Gagging Order and Wicked Child. The rest is so meh to me.


Well, if we get 8 Spectre level tracks, then yes....no question. But I can't see that happening. That would have to be a full album, like Amnesiac after Kid A.


As for HTTT B-sides, the remixes are meh, for sure. But Fog (again), I Will (LA)--maybe these count as remixes?, Paperbag Writer, I am a Wicked Child, Citizen Insane (yep, I love this track--it gave me so much hope they would continue on someday with the Kid Amnesic trajectory. It even kind of sounds like an LA version of an Amnesiac B-side), Gagging Order, and Where Bluebirds Fly are all really good for B-sides. I would say much better than OKC b-sides, which I think fall flat for the most part.  

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