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Which song are you obsessed with nowadays?

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Yeah, I love that recording.  It was on my iPod playlist during my backcountry hike in Yellowstone last Saturday.  In fact, my entire playlist included Radiohead, Thom Yorke solo and Atoms For Peace. 

I don’t understand the idea of going to a remote trail in a place like Yellowstone and wanting to hear the sounds of birds and waterfalls covered up by Thom Yorke’s familiar moaning. I love listening

Hmm there was this guy on Atease who also underlined a lot of stuff. Radiohead brings out the underlining tendencies in people. I can just imagine how tasty an obsessive underliner would be to a bear.

The Present Tense - Thom Yorke (especially the Latitude version) 


I know it's not official yet but it's 95% 'prolly going to be on LP9 and I am truly hoping that they are able to keep the organic beauty that is in this acoustic version regardless what direction they decide to go.

It was one of those rare "I fell in Love" with it the first time I heard it. It's got that magic in it. That ingredient that Thom takes from his small satchel in his pocket and sprinkles the ever so small amount of his special ingredient. I feel it has the possibility of being a song that exudes the emotion Pyramid Song, How to disappear and You and Whose Army all did the first time I heard them. I haven't been so excite for a new song in years. . . . .

The boys still have it and I'm sure they will do it justice (knock wood very very hard).

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I was playing Because by the Beatles the other day, the second chord is a G# so I instantly thought of Nude. Listened to that one a whole lot.

I nearly drove my grandmother mad playing I Want You (She's So Heavy), but then again her favourite Bealtes record is Love Me Do so...


For me, it's A Punch-up at a Wedding. Feel. The. Groove.

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I am madly obsessed with Weird Fishes/Arpeggi...it sounds like rippling water flowing down a stream...so lovely. Ed's backing vocals are haunting and gorgeous...And, at 4:03 there is a cymbal crash or guitar chord (not sure what it is, but it is awesome) that sounds like someone diving into the water...I also love when Thom comes back in (just before he sings, "I hit the bottom and escape" the first time) after the musical break at the end of the song, he does an "Ah..." sound that always makes me think of someone surfacing after swimming underwater for awhile, and they take that gasping breath...My absolute favorite song by them, and probably my favorite song of all time...It is just perfect.

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