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should we start planning for MT3's 10th anniversary now?


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i mean, i know we're not even at 9 years yet (but we're close)...


just seems like 10 years is a pretty massive (no pun intended) milestone, and i really want to have something special planned. looks like august 02 2014 is gonna be on a saturday night too. 


whddya guys think??

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i think we can probably have local meetups all around the globe and then have a computer set up with google hangout going at each one so we can all look in on whats happening in the other parties



i'll obviously host california

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seems pretty straightforward to me... that would be a gret thing to unveil on the 10th anniv too. a true hall of fame for threads. then every year we can induct one or two MTers for "lifetime achievement" status. they would get their OWN sub-sub-forum in the Hall of Fame, a place to recognize and archive all of their greatest threads! great idea... in fact, i'd call that a true $1,000,000 Idea!

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i can't believe i never bought an at ease t-shirt?

if anyone should have i should have!


what the hell!



this is smart planning it way in advance


10 year anne of current at ease is july 28 / 29 th th th


and i'm sure no one will really care or do anything


which is lame game!



i was supposed to hit 100K but even EYE fuckled up!

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