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compiled list of MT bugs for jonathan


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There's a lot of problems with CG. For a start 'Computer Geekdom' is a fucking horrible name. It should be called 'Technology and Games' or something I dunno. Actually I agree there should be two different forums: 'Gaming' and 'Technology' because they're very different. Also, like, there's a Magic: The Gathering thread and that's got nothing to do with computers, but it has got something to do with gaming!

5 pts.

1. it BUGS me hHa!

2. eh it's a name.

3. yeah that would be better

4. always glad to have us agree :paranoid_ :paranoid_

5. magic the gathering might be in the wrong place but it does have something to do with gaming AND GEEKDOM amirite!?! :lol:

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well, that was pretty much a bug and i should document it here for jonathan:  a thread was made, apparently by one user. but somehow it split into 2 separate threads and the original post of both threads was missing (it said the threads were started by one user but the first posts by that user were missing).  i merged the 2 threads and then it said that the thread was made by a different user, for the post that was chronologically first after the merge.  (but remember the original original post by the first thread starter was missing) anyways now it says rose started the thread and its in the arts forum, but she didn't really start it. this is really confusing. sorry.

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