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MT compilation part 2 submissions thread (deadline aug 10)


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send me your songs for "part 2" of the MT compilation that ad hoc was trying to assemble. if you want to be on it, POST in this thread and check in. i know some people might already have stuff for it, but maybe some new people wanna be on it too. if anyone has a list or some idea of who was supposed to be on it, let me know because i have no clue.
send files to handglops @ gmail . com send me .WAVs if possible, because bandcamp requires them. otherwise i'll have to transcode.

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so pouty... glad i'm not your baby-sitter


i worked on my song last night and i'm changing most of it, so rather than being almost ready to submit, i'm far far far far far away from being done, but i'm happy with how things are going.

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ive been sitting on a mostly finished track for months making tweaks to it. if there's some sort of deadline i'll just wrap it up but otherwise i'm gonna hang onto it until i'm positive i can't improve on it anymore or until i can't stand the sound of it anymore, whichever comes first.

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