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The LP9 Speculation Thread

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Wasn't it just reckoner and Faust arp?


For TKOL it was Bloom, Little by Little, Feral, Codex

Videotape was already well known. Nude. Arpeggi. Reckoner.


Shit. I love in rainbows guys.


4 minute warning had been kicking around and up on a ladder as well.


What else? I think that's it.


Edit: the orchestral version of arpeggi was straight fire. I love ir version, but I felt it was a missed opportunity.

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I'm just a little nervous that they released Burn the Witch for sale when we are expecting the album to drop this week. . . . . it makes me feel that we won't get the album Friday. I truly hope I'm wrong, it just seems kind of silly to offer a new single a few days before a release of the full album. Unless the single had a b side OR BTW isn't on the album then it would make mores sense but it also would be weird for them to release a b side to an album before an album so yeah. . ... .......


argh. . . . . I thought I would be better if they released a single a month before the album but its just worse now,lol, I just want to listen to The Present Tense!!!!


Like I said, I hope I am wrong and they will release it this week. We at least have that going for us now that they released a new song. . . .  would hope they would want the album to be digested before the tour................................... hopefully.

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i was wrong actually, about Kid Amnesiac sessions at least. they had a toured over the summer of 2000 which saw a bunch of those songs get an airing. this might not be 100% accurate and is just a quick run through of information i have to hand. i remember there being graphs and shit for this stuff at one point?



Tracks NOT played live before album release, also not gonna count b-sides but that's pretty hit-and-miss generally, some have and some haven't, and not their Life of Pablo:
The Bends - Released March 1995:
Planet Telex
OKC - released May 1997:
Fitter Happier
The Tourist (?)
Kid A - released September 2000:
Amnesiac - released June 2001
Hunting Bears
Like Spinning Plates
Life in a Glasshouse
HTTT - released June 2003
[All played during the Iberian tour of 02/03]
In Rainbows - released October 2007
Faust Arp
Reckoner (at least the 'version' that was eventually released under that name)
TKOL - released February 2011
Little by Little
- - -
TKOL isn't my strongest Radiohead era so that might be way out, but pretty sure Thom only did a few solo renditions, they didn't tour as a full band until after it was released. every other album, they did a tour a year or two beforehand where they got them out on the road.
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true. like i said, not 100% accurate. all the setlists are still up on citizeninsane but wasn't prepared to pick through all those.


safe to say, it's a pretty low percentage that we haven't already heard first.


starting off with a single release of a song that's totally new to fans ears is a first though?

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"burn the witch" works and i can't wait to hear it in the context of the album. question my wife and i discussed was whether the sound is indicative of the direction the entire work will take or whether it's simply one of many styles to be displayed in lp9.


i have a feeling the album will be a tight "concept" piece but with more expansion than tkol.


this is the best part. enjoy it

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I would be shocked if BTW isn't on the album, especially because of the fliers/postcards. I can't imagine them sending those out if it was just a one-off single. And it doesn't make sense to use the video of a one-off single to break their silence when the world is anticipating a new album.


Also Pitchfork's article said it was the first single from their upcoming album. That could just be assumption, but they're usually pretty good about being accurate. Maybe they confirmed it somehow.

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