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The Longest Thread In Upload And Share

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anyone wanna do bodysong. i would love to hear and i will buy as soon as i can find it whether i have the download or not but its nowhere and i dont have a credit card.

thank u very very much for your time.


better off asking in other music... the copyright rules actually get enforced in this forum somewhat

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OK after lurking here for a bit, I think for a first post maybe I should contribute something instead of making a retarded comment...


I realise nobody asked for it, it may have been done before and the file is quite big...but here is the audio for the entire South Park Gig from July 7th '01.


It is in .rar format. Also Creep in the final encore is tagged as Motion Picture Soundtrack. So you may want to change that.


Unfortunately it is only on megaupload as the file was too big for YSI but if you have time on your hands it may be worth downloading.




However I can YSI individual files on request if needed....

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Wow that's the most derranged version of Creep I've heard. Not that I've heard many.


Could you please upload more from that show, indivudually I mean? Even single songs take half an hour for me. Reverse order would be especially nice, ie the other encores first, so I can get them running into each other. :)

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OK so collated all South Park files into this post. The whole thing is in .rar on megaupload and the individuals have a week on them from the 1st of June, on YSI.


South Park, Oxford 07/07/2001 Whole Gig Audio in .rar


So...the third encore was...(in reverse)



MPS (Start)


The second encore just consisted of,


(in reverse)


The Bends

Talk Show Host


First encore was (reverse order):



You and Whose Army

Karma Police

Fake Plastic Trees


The rest of the concert (in reverse):




Paranoid Android

Pyramid Song

I Might Be Wrong

Street Spirit

Dollars And Cents

No Surprises

Knives Out

Exit Music

My Iron Lung



Morning Bell


The National Anthem


Hope you enjoy.

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Thanks so much again. I'm having trouble downloading FPT, TSH, TNA and Knives out atm, but that's probably just my PC. I'll try again later. Gonna play them back to back tonight...


EDIT Right I still can't get Talk Show Host, Knives Out or Fake Plastic Trees to download. They simply wont load/download, which is a bit of a pain. Anyone else have this problem? If someone could re-yousendit them that would be great.

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anyone have audio of thom singing be mine with REM?

Richie you're my brain twin!


I was just about to ask for it. The 30 seconds on greenplastic is so good that I need to hear it fully now or I'll freak out and smash my room to pieces. And I really shouldn't do that because it's 3 in the morning and my flatmates are trying to sleep. Come on someone upload it! Please! I'll upload something in return if you want.


It's from the Tibetan Freedom Concert by the way if that helps anyone.

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