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Atoms For Peace - AMOK


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Just noticed that if you go to the AFP website and slide all the way across, then click on the man in the rowing boat you get sent to this 




It's the Judge Jury and Executioner Fuji 2010 video, but there's also an option underneath to download an MP4 version of it.



Wonder if they'll hide S.A.D on the site once the JJE vinyl comes out?

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hey everyone

i have long followed this forum but i am just now joining as an actual member

has the album itself leaked in full, or are there still songs missing?

I have been dying to hear it for a long, long, long time now and everyone's musings are making me feel as if it is out in the world

can someone maybe send it on my way if that is so the case???



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Really hoping the studio version of the song Amok turns out good. Song is so good at the end of the NY set.


It's being mixed live here, but you get a look at the studio vocals Thom recorded for it. Just imagine that together with the instrumentation of the one they did at MOMA and that's probably the album version  :P

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I think he means the synth bleep bloop bit at the end. That's actually part of the Amok loop, it's all one song. It starts with all the Thom vocal harmonies, then after a few minutes it goes into that instrumental bit.

Thanks for letting me know Jordasm. I appreciate it.

The way the loop came in, I was convinced it was a different track.

And the way it started playing on the video, was like it was the beginning of the track.


Also on the MOMA video I didn't hear the bleep bloop bit at all.


Anyway, thanks for informing me. I was completely tortured about that!

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