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Trigger Warnings - Please Add Them When Necessary


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In the wake of recent events on MT, its been suggested that it might be time to institute some type of policy regarding trigger warnings.


For those who are unfamiliar with trigger warnings, here is a good definition from Urban Dictionary - "[Warnings] Used to alert people when an internet post, book, article, picture, video, audio clip, or some other media could potentially cause extremely negative reactions (such as post-traumatic flashbacks or self-harm) due to its content. Sometimes abbreviated as "TW."

http://www.urbandict...Trigger warning


It doesn't happen very often at MT, but occasionally someone will make a thread that deals with very serious subject matter, such as suicide, self-harm, violence, abuse, or some other thing that has the potential to trigger PTSD flashbacks or other bad reactions in some users. We welcome serious topics, we want users to feel like this is a place you can have these conversations. However, some users have experienced distress when they've clicked on ambiguous thread titles, which don't really give an idea of the subject matter, only to find they have wandered into a topic for something they have experienced personally and which has left them traumatized. I'm sure nobody here wishes harm or distress to other users, and when it has happened its been completely unintentional. To help prevent these situations from happening, we ask that you voluntarily add a trigger warning to your thread title when appropriate, just something to let people know that the thread deals with potentially triggering subject matter. For an example of a trigger warning, see this recent thread in SHR.


Thanks very much for your cooperation with this.

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