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Poll to see what you think about Radiohead doing a make up date for the cancelled Toronto Show

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Cancelled Toronto Show Make Up Date Likelyhood  

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  1. 1. Do you think Radiohead will do a show in Toronto to make up for the untimely cancelled show?

    • Yes, they will at some point.
    • No, It is too bad but it is highly unlikely and financially inconceivable.
    • Maybe... Hopefully... that would be nice...

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I had my tickets, I was ready to go, and then the sad news came in. I'm throwing this poll up out of curiosity and what MT thought about the chances of Radiohead doing a make up date for the cancelled Toronto show. There would be a slew of logistics and financial feasibility for them to work through to make it happen but that doesn't mean I am not curious to hear what you all think.

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I was super depressed about it at the time and just thinking about it now makes me sad. Unfortunately I can't see it happening, especially with afp touring in a few months (February? March? April?) obviously it'd only be feasible if they threw in some extra stops. But at this point it unfortunately feels like that ship has sailed. Maybe this time next year they could do a general mini tour? Here's hoping

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