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We need tags for users

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  • 6 months later...

nick: sports, fernando torres, carles puyol, Dirty Souf, coastal redwood tree

vivi: anime gifs of sad girls with shortish dark hair standing in the rain, kawaii, dreamcast

stephen: steve irwin, australia, tv vidya safari, box, ben, ron weasley

kyle: korea, arsenal, transasian, africa, a tall baobab tree surrounded by saplings

ayi: man u, top lass, office chart, architechture

penny: peotry, bdsm, nurse

kyriakos: reality tv show gifs, bitch, cunt, whore, may

may: reality tv show gifs, bitch, cunt, whore, kyriakos

box: canada, can't get handjobbed, razor bikini, ben

bluebelle: bluebonnet, jilly without the sexual scandal, The South

ben: australia, tv, video games, razor bikini, box, aseuxal

dayana: dogs, good tv shows, cutie pie extraordinaire, slowcore enthusiast

bleesh: sweden, socialism, equality, nintendo, muculay culkin

janel: feminism, keeping it real, equality, words, art, pictures of quiet deers standing in dreamy forests

tapzilla: british, tea, crumpets, the queen, photos of oxford

brian: literature, drum phobia, kansas

nikki: mutsy, nikki mcmutsy, art, scott pilgrim, owls, a cozy teal cardigan on a rainy day with a mug of hot chocolate

brandon: miyazaki films, blue eyes, popcorn, cartwheels on a sunny day with puffy white clouds shaped abstractly like animals

luna: cute animals, poli-sci (?), eel, i always think her avatar is a radiohead picture but it's not

eel: luna, mathemagician, rocks

roger: tall, enigmatic seer, mindwater, guitar

shaun: australia, rocks, vegetarian iirc, a giraffe peacefully munching on some dew-covered leaves in the pink dawn of a new day

liz: mixtapes, sailormoon, a beautiful chameleon, good emo music enthusiast, a slightly oversized pink cable knit sweater

filmfanb: older men, buttstuff, drama, globetrotter

fanny: food court, flood crout, jujubs, french, canada, hawt

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