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Radiohead Manchester 2012


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(when no-one will care about manchester anymore but hey ho)

I'm still buzzing from the concert, checking back everyday!


Still waiting for a video on youtube for Everything in its right place, was jokingly hoping for something like the version from I Might Be Wrong and it happened!

Looking for a decent video for Feral too, the lighting for the whole show was amazing but that one really stood out to me.


Anybody else get scared when the whole place starting vibrating from that bass?!


Also, what was playing at the very end, when everyone was leaving?

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First ever radiohead gig. Not very far from the front - in the middle of Thom and johnny, closer to Thom.


Lotus flower kicks in out of nowhere and Thom's silhouette is framed in front of those bright orange lights, maraccas in hand. I knew i was gonna be a mind blowing gig and it was. The the song ends with "hello, my name is Lady Gaga" <3


I think someone mentioned earlier in this discussion that the slower songs didnt communicate well, which i agree with in the arena context, the atmosphere didnt welcome it imo. This is because their more (for want of better phrases) electro spazzy awesome songs worked better:


Bloom, Myxomatosis, Gloaming, national anthem, feral, full stop, magpie... then IDIOTEQUE.


You could tell radiohead were feeling it that night.


The first 7 songs - lotus to seperator were absolutely spotless. Quality bunch of live songs.


The Daily Mail was a great singalong, funny how it is a one off song yet it seemed like the whole arena sung it.


Feral was so frantic even phil and clive lost the timing but it didnt even matter because i was loving it too much


Then i was behind some guy during Full Stop/ Magpie and we were fucking loving it - pulled leg muscles and neck ache. The girl next to us was shocked at this guy's moves, he was completely spazzing to it.


Then the second verse (if you can call it one) in idioteque caused a mosh for someone reason but no one complained as it was the last song and everyone was so into it whilst Thom (watch dance video) was loving it too.


BEST SONG OF THE SET - FULL STOP (if this song doesn't get released i will cry)

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Anybody else get scared when the whole place starting vibrating from that bass?!


Ahh yes, I'd forgotten about that!

Me and Rob gave each other a kind of concerned glance, I think we were more worried about hearing damage though, than say anything falling/collapsing.

Was a certainly a unique sensation, my whole head was rumbling.

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I'm not long back from my Radiohead Travels (Manchester and London, night 1).....still on a high and trying to take it all in but I'm posting in this thread rather than the London one because this was my favourite night. I was thinking about it on the train home and there are probably a few reasons. Firstly, and nothing to do with the actual music, the O2 is just a pain in the arse. I felt pretty sorry for people who had to work on Monday and then head out there to spend time in the queues. And it's just as crap coming out......I really did feel like some farm animal being herded around.

The Manchester set really flowed well...too fast really....but then I never want it to end. The band themselves seemed really happy and enjoying it. I got to hear Planet Telex live, at last....almost cried. Feral made me smile...and dance. GUTG was beautiful. Arpeggi was uplifting. And I loved Twisted Words...even if it was a little faulty....hey ho, it's live! There was a better atmosphere in the crowd at Manchester....more banter.


To try and balance it out, London had Spinning Plates and it was divine.


My big moans with both Manchester and London was that they both could have had a little more volume and.......... where the fuck was Little by Little?

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Agreed on the volume side of things. Not crazy quiet but not that loud either.


Yeah, it was most noticeable for me with The Gloaming...which I've heard live before (and outside) and have felt like it invaded my body..not so this time. I kind of missed that connection.

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I was lucky enough to get to all 3 shows and my opinion as to which was the best keeps changing all the time - but that's Radiohead for you, every show is different and has a different vibe. All 3 were absolutely magnificent though in there own way. It's just impossible to choose one.


Certainly Ful Stop and Feral in Manchester were superb. I thought both The National Anthem and Myxomatosis were as good as I've ever heard them too. How To Disappear Completely - one of my very favourite Radiohead songs, was just heart-meltingly fabulous! You could hear a pin drop during that: how many bands can silence a 20,000 capacity arena like that? It was mesmerizing.


O2 I had absolutely sublime versions of Spinning Plates and Climbing Up The Walls and 15 Step (previously a song I could take or leave, frankly) was amazing. Great to hear Identikit live for the first time as well. It was also nice to get Twisted Words for a second show running. Another of my favourites and a very under-appreciated song I've always thought. O2 I also had I Might Be Wrong and Planet Telex, which I'm finally starting to love the new live version of...


The second O2 gig had a beautiful Street Spirit as well as a storming Bodysnatchers and AMAZING Give Up The Ghost. All of the King Of Limbs tracks sound very different and utterly wonderful live. I doubt if I will ever again listen to the album versions of Lotus Flower, Feral or GUTG again - live they are bloody fantastic!

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