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Radiohead Manchester 2012


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my sister goes to uni there so i would have had somewhere to stay for free. since booking the tickets we've had a massive falling out though so that's not happening :lol: i'm not sure it's much less of a hassle than London though tbh. longer journey but we're able to get a direct train from Ely, looks like everything is in walkable distance once there- though may get a taxi from venue to hotel if it looks dodgy at night or something.

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Any idea what kind of time the gates will be open, and what kind of time I'd need to arrive to get on the barrier?


First time seeing Radiohead, I'm excited!

If you want to be on the barrier I would strongly suggest you get your wristband as soon as the City Room opens at 12pm then get straight into the WASTE queue. That might seem very early and its a very long wait but its the only way you will have any chance. I'm standing at the O2 on Monday and will be doing just that. If you don't there is no chance whatsoever I'm afraid - trust me on this. You might be able to get near the front if you go a bit later but you won't have a snowball-in-hell's chance of getting on the barrier...

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Not a stupid question at all - I've been loads of times and I've never heard of it!

The arena has 3 entrances, Hunts Bank, Trinity Way and City Room...

I believe that the City Room is somewhere in the entrance area directly above the Victoria train station. You go into the station and just follow the signs - the entrance is up the stairs. Its impossible to miss it to be honest.


With regard to ID, I am taking my confirmation e-mail and driving licence. Is that all I need to get in? Surely that is enough isn't it?

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