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I like it

Hippopothomas J

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^ yeah, definitely. quite a hassle having to go to the main page again every time


also, wall comments are kinda meh as well. nonetheless, i like this very much :}


edit: actually, the wall comments suck balls to the max aiyo.. gotta learn to live with it

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could be solved if the green bar stuck with you as you scrolled down


i mean if we really wanted to be so google





a search bar that can search for phrases with words under 3 characters would be really nifty jonathan


in favor


i havent found it particularly slow or terrible yet

but i also haven't tried a search yet

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the forum index bar actually did float at the top of the window for a bit when the forum first went live (http://www.greenplastic.com/mortigitempo/index.php?/topic/110618-whoa-no-categories-edit-tag-yr-threads/#entry4224270). it was nice, but it sorta looked a little clunky. if we were to make it do that permanently i guess i'd prefer it to be a bit smaller (less height) and more minimal in design (i.e simple text on a background, no hover action, etc). in short, more like google yeh. that's just my 2¢ tho.

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