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Kid A vs OK Computer


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  1. 1. Kid A or OK Computer

    • OK Computer
    • KID A

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I don't know if I already posted on this.

My opinion is biased, I really like them both but KID A is my favorite album. 

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This is very difficult, but:


My OKC ranking: Karma Police, Let Down, Paranoid Android, Lucky, The Tourist, Airbag, Climbing Up The Walls, Exit Music, No Surprises, Subterranean Homesick Alien, Electioneering, Fitter Happier.


Kid A: Kid A, Optimistic, Motion Picture Soundtrack, Everything In Its Right Place, How To Disappear Completely, The National Anthem, Idioteque, In Limbo, Morning Bell/Treefingers (tied for last).


I guess this is how I'd rank 'em all:


Karma Police

Let Down

Kid A

Paranoid Android


Motion Picture Soundtrack


Everything In Its Right Place

The Tourist


How To Disappear Completely

Climbing Up The Walls/The National Anthem (truly equal for me)

Exit Music

No Surprises

Subterranean Homesick Alien


In Limbo

Morning Bell/Treefingers


Fitter Happier


Looks like the OKC tracks did slightly better overall. I do think it's a much stronger album in terms of its individual songs. Nothing beats the majesty of Kid A as a whole, though; its tracklisting, its pace, its length, its themes, its variety... the real question, I guess, it what do you prefer from an album generally? A bunch of awesome moments or one big awesome moment?

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