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What song should I start teaching myself?

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Hey everyone,


I'm on here a lot, but I rarely post. Anyway, I just got tickets to see Radiohead for my first time on May 29th, and I also just so happened to start teaching myself guitar. I bought the game Rocksmith to help me along which has High and Dry and Bodysnatchers on it, but I got High and Dry down pretty well and Bodysnatchers seems impossible for my skill level.


I thought all of you would be perfect for recommending some good beginner songs for me. I would like to learn another Radiohead song or two before the concert.


So far I was thinking of maybe Fake Plastic Trees or Karma Police. Those two sound pretty simple, but there are so many songs.


Thanks everyone :rockout:

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I didn't even think of You and Whose Army and that's one of my favorites! I like playing chords more than single notes, so that sounds like it could be good. It makes me feel more legit.


Yeah, you need to pay for Bodysnatchers because it's DLC. The game comes with High and Dry.

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watch warrenmusic's guitar tutorials in youtube - i learned optimistic, little by little, gagging order, i might be wrong, and lots more from him.


start learning to finger pick by learning arpeggi. that's a favourite to play of mine :)


good luck!

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i might be wrong is pretty simple to learn if u havent already


and people have sex to that song


u could be next




u have acoustic?






fake plastic trees

nice dream

bullet proof

street spirit


exit music

karma police

how to disappear completely


morning bell (unless u learn solos)

motion picture soundtrack

how i made my millions

you&whose army

i might be wrong

knives out

life in a glasshouse

where i end and you begin

a wolf at the door

there there

i will


true love waits (might be hard if u have classical guitar !)

go slowly

last flowers

4 minute warning

present tense

morning mr magpie

give up the ghost

lotus flower


the eraser

black swan


and these later, cause theyre either hard or better on electric or bad tabs so you need to learn by ear:


let down

planet telex

talk show host




paranoid android


subterranean homesick alien

kid a

in limbo


sail to the moon

go to sleep


gagging order

body snatchers


house of cards



these are my twisted words

the clock


and i havent learned other songs so idk rest!

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used to have a crush on youtube user keanbean when i was 14 :icon_indi he has a lot of rh covers w/tabs in info on there including y&wa, cept it has one chord thats hard on classical guitar


tbh still crush ): ugh acoustic tourist sokewl person

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Thanks a lot everyone!


So I have started learning You and Whose Army, Karma Police, and some Reckoner. I forgot to mention that this is all acoustic before, but I received some great recommendations. Props to whoever brought up Warrenmusic, he is pretty awesome.


I can't wait to see Radiohead on May! My life will finally be complete...

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I learned Street Spirit first, then I learned the riff in 15 Step.


To each his own though. Find what you enjoy and go from there.



YES !! learn this too!! - This riff is what made me fall in love with Radiohead in the first place, its absolutely beautiful. :)

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I started out with Creep, then move on to karma police. For finger picking practice, i tried it with Street Spirit then proceed to There There (this is way before Arpeggi was released). For barre chords, I practice it on You & Whose Army, great song.


The Bends has tons of tracks that are best to practice your guitar skills. But I still do not know how to play Bodysnatchers :P For new songs, try Lotus Flowers & Give Up The Ghost.

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A list of RH songs in standard tuning would be useful, too. There are far too many songs that require alternative tunings, and I don't feel quite ready for that yet!


Also, what are your opinions on this tab of A Reminder?




It sounds weird to me, but then, I may be doing it wrong. (The lyrics are way, way off the mark, that much's for sure!)

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