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Tonight's Show: Houston 03/03/12


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So I dunno about you guys but I'm bracing myself for the enormous disappointment when Skirting on the Surface isn't debuted again tonight. That aside, am very excited for the next set. Keep your thoughts/predictions/comments etc updated below. With any luck, someone will give us a live stream again :)

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i am kinda excited by this soundcheck. i kinda miss Go To Sleep live. I need a reason to love this song again. PA and 15 step also deserves to be in the setlist, very often.


and will we hear Skirting tonight? :)


this could be a great night!

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15 step


paranoid android


unknown (new?)






go to sleep


skirting on the surface


Skirting aside ( :dancingthom: ) there's a good few songs we haven't heard yet, so that can only be a good sign. Man, Paranoid Android would be great!

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