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can we actually split it into s&r and have health topics fall in the purview of gc? weird that under the current rules a healthy eating thread would be in a different forum than a recipes thread, and that said healthy eating thread would be next to the masturbation thread.

Got to have your protein bro

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i mean, the new version on ipboard already incorporates tagging, so we could get that going easily with a software update. that's step 1. i bet it wouldn't be too hard to mod it to get another layer of tagging on top of that. from there, it's just a matter of making the search function and look good. get a 'popular tags' sidebar widget going to make things easy. then we can start getting rid of the forums.


auto-tagging would be great, maybe one day someone will put together a plugin for that. in the meantime, i think that a good solution is to make choosing categories (i.e. forum designations) for a particular thread mandatory (but like i said, a sidebar quick select widget would make this a breeze), then make tagging optional. i think there would have to be a limit on both of these things in order to avoid spamming (ie someone putting their thread in every category). but otherwise, maybe this is do-able. i'd play around with it myself, but ipboard isn't free so i can't.

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although, strictly this wouldn't be hierarchy... you could apply any tag to a thread in any category. i guess tags and categories would function identically except that categories would be created at the mods' discretion. it's just one level filters things generally and the next is more specific. i think this would work well, but would perhaps pose more of a programming challenge than a straight hierarchical system. not that i know anything about it either way.

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by that logic, you wouldn't even necessarily need two levels of tagging at all. it would only need to be perceived as such.


like for example, say you have a fixed set of 'categories': "GC", "CE", "OM"


then you have tags, w/e: "food", "dance music", "sopa"


you could have all those tags in the same database (or whatever) of tags.


but then for example, in the thread creation you could make it appear as though they're two separate sets of tags. like, have a pull-down menu of categories, then an input bar for tags. but then when you create the thread, they're all just stored as 'tags'. then when you search in tags, you just include the categories in your search.


this might pose some UI problems though? also i'm out of my depth on this sit.

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yeah man you'd basically kill half the board by doing this


it's a lousy idea


i mean i at least feel a lot of the threads are created and kept alive as part of a subforum


feels like most of the stuff that isnt basically GC will be buried/forgotten about


dont do this

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so wait youre gonna replace the subforums with tagging?


yeah lets go from a simple comprehensible solution we've always had to a new, complicated one with no benefits


this was brought up, but i know of no possible way of doing this.



also, once merged, i don't see how you can easily go back. i think the threads would have to be moved back manually, and guess what i'm not doing.

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