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Official 2012 Bootleg Thread [AUDIO]

gentil géant

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Radiohead - Austin City Limits, The Moody Theater, Austin, TX, USA (2012) Soundboard Mp3@320 MF



01 - Bloom

02 - The Daily Mail

03 - Myxomatosis

04 - Mornig Mr. Magpie

05 - The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy

06 - Staircase

07 - Identikit

08 - Lotus Flower

09 - There There

10 - Feral

11 - Idioteque

12 - Paranoid Android



Can you upload it again please? The link is dead.

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Damn. Does Mediafire just delete stuff after awhile? I discovered this thread too late.


I have really clean/perfect volume rips of Identikit and Amazing Sounds of Orgy from the Austin City Limits broadcast, the best i've heard of those songs. I don't know if y'all have anything like them already, but if you don't, what would be the best way to get them to everyone?

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i would prefer the entire austin city limits broadcast if u have it


mediafire is easy


jus zip the files, go to mediafire home pg, click upload and your half way done


I only have the two songs. Do I need to create a Mediafire account first? I'm not seeing upload.

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Sorry if this has been covered already but does anyone have a live link to any soundboard recordings from this tour?




Are there any versions of new material/old stuff that resurfaced from this tour that are generally considered to be the best of what's out there?


I've been out of the loop for a while and there's no way I could dig through all these boots even supposing that half the links aren't dead.

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