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TKOL was released on 18 Feb 2011, so we are only 2 weeks away from the 1 year anniversary.


I guess I'm interested to hear what you first thought of TKOL on release, and how your first impression may have changed over these last 12 months (if at all).


And in your mind, how does TKOL now sit among the bands back catalog? (probably still too early to say for sure).

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It took me 2 weeks to hear after the release, it was hard really, cause I read the Jonny's notice for the album the 14th of feb... so... I really suffered fot no listening to it...


well... am


my first imrpession on every track:


Bloom- I loved the jazzy style on it... although Thom's voice didnt get me at first... the bass on this was amazing

MMM- I loved the riff since the beggining and the hi-hat...then I heard the theneedledrop review and how he said that that hi-hat was kind of repetitive... -.-

LBL- boring

Feral- WOW!!!! I loved it!!!

Lotus flower- at first I thouth it was just Thom and his computer and a synth...but then I could appreciate every instrument

Codex- aaammm... beautiful but boring...it was weird :/

Give up the ghost- the same as codex but a little maddening for the vocal sample

Separator- Phil :D




Bloom- its in my top10 of Rh songs... its a beautiful song

MMM- now i can hear every part of this song as a whole track not just in pieces

LBL- obscure and kind of weird... no a great song but meeh

Feral- still WOW!!! I loved it!!!

Lotus flower- danceable, catchy, beautiful, amazing!!

Codex+GOTG- the most beautiful ballad of 2011

Separator- that riff is amazing... the lyrics are allucinating...what else can i say about this epic track?




sorry for my english... I used google for some words xD

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this album puts me to sleep - sounds like the band fell asleep while making it as well


I'm not particularly fond of the "pitch" adjustments of the sample in Bloom

not fond of the gain issues (purposeful?) on MMM

Little By Little is In Rainbows leftovers

Feral - what's so great about this?

Lotus Flower - most fun song on the album if that says anything - don't like the fade in

Codex sounds like more In Rainbows leftovers

Same with GUTG

Seperator is for hippies


It's ok - I know that some people may put this album in the same category as Kid A/Amnesiac, but honestly it doesn't even come close


yeah it's great they try something new - and I'm sure the band put more into it than it sounds, but something feels uninspired. Most of these would be acceptable b-sides, shoot I dig their b-sides more.



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Mainly a minor change in what I think the strongest songs are, previously thinking Codex was one of the best and now thinking it's one of the worst, and thinking GUTG was a nice oddity but it not doing much for me, now thinking it's one of the best songs they've done.


Generally my view of the album's deteriorated, over time I've found Morning Mr Magpie a little less forgivable, but a big part of why I think the album's weaker than I did before is because of just how good the FTB sessions are.

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Bloom is okay, MMM is good, Little By Little and Feral aren't, Lotus Flower is epic, Codex is alright, GUTG is awesome, Seperator is also quite good.

In conclusion, not bad, but I don't like drum and bass thing they're trying out, I almost prefer KidA/Amnesiac era electronic soundscapes. I hope they'll move on from Dubstep for the next release, cos I really don't want to be one of those people who say "Oh, they haven't been good since (insert album name here)."

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Bloom is okay, MMM is good, Little By Little and Feral aren't, Lotus Flower is epic, Codex is alright, GUTG is awesome, Seperator is also quite good.

In conclusion, not bad, but I don't like drum and bass thing they're trying out, I almost prefer KidA/Amnesiac era electronic soundscapes. I hope they'll move on from Dubstep for the next release, cos I really don't want to be one of those people who say "Oh, they haven't been good since (insert album name here)."


"Move on from Dubstep"...No. If you think King of Limbs resembles Dubstep, your opinion of the album is invalid.


Bloom is a staggering, beautiful multi-layered track.

Morning Mr Magpie is a compelling riff and unbelievable percussion. Once it clicks with you, it's one of the best songs off the album.

Little By Little resemble more In Rainbows era. Great track.

Feral is wild. It can't be accurately put into words.

Lotus Flower is a gem. Proves Radiohead can make "dance music".

Codex is serene, gorgeous, un-compromising beauty.

Give Up The Ghost is like the sound-scape of resolution. Full of dread and emotion, and ends with hope.

Seperator is the best song of 2011.


Excellent album.

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Bloom - At first I thought it was a pretty repetitive track but now I can appreciate the sampled beats and ambient vocals. 6.5/10

Morning Mr Magpie - The beats and guitars in this track are very infectious. 8/10

Little By Little - I also love the beats and guitars in this song. The subtle sounds in the background really give this song the beauty and atmosphere. 8/10

Feral - I prefer the live version. 5/10

Lotus Flower - The vocal melody is simply superb, however it's not a very dynamical song. 7/10

Codex - Dull and boring. 4/10

Give Up The Ghost - This one grew on me. I particularly enjoy Yorke's multi-layered vocals. 6/10

Seperator - It was a track full of ambiance and melody. A commendable closer. 7/10


Overall, the album has slowly grown on me but it's not one of my favorite RH albums.


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when i first listened to the album, codex got me. after a while, as mentioned here before, it became a bit boring.


now my favorite is definitely separator. 2nd place might be little by little, because of its amazing guitar riff. almost chromatic scales merged with phil's epic drums, WOW.



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First impression:



Morning Mr. Magpie: I liked the rhythms and bass, but I was a little underwhelmed.

Little by Little: Again, liked the percussion, but the vocals were meh. Overall, meh toward this song at first.

Feral: "When are the vocals going to start WAIT the song's over...guess it was an instrumental..." Yeah, not impressed at first.

Lotus Flower: Not quite how I expected it to sound after hearing a rough live version, but I liked it well enough.

Codex: Beautiful. Loved the restraint on this song.

Give Up the Ghost: Like LF, this wasn't how I thought it would sound. I was honestly pretty disappointed at first, though I did like it. Just not as much as I hoped.

Separator: "WTF WHY IS THIS SO HAPPY?" I was not expecting a song that upbeat, but I really liked it regardless.

Overall: I loved Bloom to death, but I was kind of disappointed that the rest of the album wasn't as great. Still, I thought it was pretty good, definitely in RH's top 5.





Bloom: I still love it, and I think it's among their best songs.

Morning Mr. Magpie: I actually really love this now. I don't understand why so many people dismiss it. The bass is amazing, and there's a very effective (but very subtle) build-up in the middle section before the rhythms kick back in.

Little by Little: Love the vocal melody now. It's one of the catchier bits on the album in my opinion, and this song keeps sounding better and better to me. Still one of my bottom 3 on the album, though.

Feral: I do like it now, especially live, but it's probably my least favorite.

Lotus Flower: I love it. The way the various layers shift in and out is great, but it took me a while to notice all the subtleties.

Codex: SO GORGEOUS. The deliberate dynamic restraint is more effective at giving me goosebumps than some of their more dramatic songs.

Give Up the Ghost: At first, the lack of a huge climax is what made this seem lackluster to me. Now, I think the restraint (like on Codex) is deliberate; it keeps the chill vibe of the album intact. A big, dramatic climax would sort of wreck that.

Separator: One of their better closers. It brings rhythm / groove back into the album in a nice way. The dreaminess of it, especially the end, makes a nice send-off.

Overall: I like it way more than I did at first. It's the only Radiohead record I find really chill / relaxing...the intense rhythmic sound of the first half builds tension, and the balladry / dreaminess of the last stretch makes for a nice release of that tension. I think it's probably 4th or 5th among RH's albums, either just ahead of or behind Amnesiac.


By the way, Acclaimed Music has an aggregate list of the best albums of 2011. It's based on god knows how many publications from around the globe. You can download their 2011 spreadsheet from the main page. It's certainly not as professional-looking as something like Metacritic, but it's actually more in-depth / comprehensive. As of this posting, TKOL is ranked #13 for the year.

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bloom: liked the drum patterns (especially the electronic and the fact, there are two drummers, and johnny playing the snare) and the somehow jazzy baseline

morning mr. magpie: i enjoyed the palm-mute, fast-paced guitar riffs and the drums

little by little: i like the almost chromatic guitar riff merged with the drums

feral: i still dont like the track that much, it sounds weird and disturbing

lotus flower: very transparent and clear sound, i like the bridge part in the middle Codex: as mentioned before, restraining song, yet powerful and very clear

give up the ghost: transparent (concerning the chords) track with clear vocals, though thom tends to mumble.

separator: definitely my favorite on the album , awesome lyrics, very positive in a way ;-), they create a good atmosphere at the end of the track.

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On first listen I thought wtf is this, didn't like it.

Took about 10 listens to start enjoying it.

This is the only track in the their entire back catalog i sometimes skip!

But sometimes I love it... weird.

Prob my least favourite on TKOL.

So many people say it's the best thing they've done in last 10 years.

If so, I hope it soon grabs me.



Morning Mr Magpie:

See Bloom for first impression.

Through time this has become my favourite on TKOL.

Funky, soulful, great rhythm, so original, perfect!



Little By Little:

See Bloom for first impression.

Used to think it was building to an anticlimax.

Now I can appreciate the slow burning atmosphere it creates.

This track has also grown on me a lot.




See Bloom for first impression.

Now I love it, great energy and rhythm.

Can't wait for the tour vids to appear.



Lotus Flower:

Thought it was ok on first listen.

Loved it after 5 listens (like most people).

Still think it's a great track today.




This was an immediate like for me.

Calm and beautiful.

Still think it's very good.



Give Up The Ghost:

See Bloom for first impression.

Took a few weeks for me to realise it's quality.

Now really look forward to it




Wasn't sure at first.

After 20 listens really started liking it.

Now it's one of my favourites.

So atmospheric, and perfect dark guitar ending.





In conclusion I think it's an amazing album.

My average rating worked out as 8.2/10

Which pretty much sums up how much i like it.

And yet again they re-invent themselves with a classic.


I've also thought about the tracks that were released since TKOL:

The Butcher, Supercollider, The Daily Mail, Staircase

and I agree with the band that they don't fit on the album really.

I've tried adding some of them to a TKOL playlist, but always end up going back to the standard 8 tracks.


I've also listened to TKOL much more in this 1st year than any previous albums,

which i think is a good sign of it's lastability.

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I think the only way to describe my feelings for the album would be like it, don't love it. I absolutely love Separator. Bloom live is fantastic, album is just good. Little by Little grew on me, it's another great RH anti- routine number. Lotus Flower and Codex are standard RH fare but I like em. The rest I'm just indifferent to. I much preferred the Thom solo GUTG performances. I adore the albums bsides and FTB was pretty good but thoms voice just sucks on a number of the tracks. In conclusion, bless you for giving me staircase and separator, radiohead, but Ill expect more next time. In a way I think In Rainbows set me up for some unfair expectations. I still am incredibly excited to see what's next. Present Tense? Maybe orchestral stuff? Hopefully less dubstep wannabe.


This era: 7.5/10

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I admit I fell for the Part 2 hype so part of my being underwhelmed was the feeling of being shortchanged. I'm a huge In Rainbows fan (think it's #2 to OKC) and I don't see any way these tracks stand up against the best of IR. After a few listens I came to the conclusion that it was a small eminently listenable-to album with very few missteps. Every song is remarkably crafted and recorded. It reminds me of Amnesiac although that one tugs at my heartstrings more.


Bloom was a grower but is certainly a masterful song on par with other great openers (EIIRP for example).


Magpie is fun and funky but nothing earth-shattering.


Little By Little I've never really gotten into. Jangly beat and good bass progression but lyrics/vocals leave me a bit cold.


Feral I've always liked.


Lotus Flower is obviously the "single" of the group, but I dug it too.


Codex was my favorite on first listen, reminding me of "Nude" in effect when I first heard it. Kind of the, "Oh yeah here we go--real Radiohead tune here." I still like it but it's a tiny bit shy of incredible. (I commented here on day one that the transition from electronic to bird sounds at the end of the track is the highlight of the album.)


GUTG--Good tune. A little formulaic in its call-and-response but a great song. Beautiful vocals.


Separator is the cleanest clearest articulation of RH's "mature" sound ever. Just a wonderful song, and like Reckoner," I wished it would never end.


I don't listen to it that much anymore. I do like the inclusion of Supercollider and The Butcher to the mix though. I want more more more!

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