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What's your favorite aspect of Morning Mr. Magpie?


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  1. 1. What pulls you into Morning Mr. Magpie the most?

    • Bass and bass drum
    • Hi-hat and snare
    • Humming noise and vocals
    • Guitars

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The best part of the song is probably the hurried steady krautrock influenced rhythmic pattern of the electric guitars and drums.


However I love everything else they put on it and how they timed and believe it's essential to making the song stand out for me, so I don't think I'll vote.

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Guest Idiotik

The MMM how are we today. It's funny. Dunno why though. It's also ironic yes? He's starting off being pissed with MM then he's asking how he is. Then again the use of the word 'we' is a classic sign of detachment or formality or ambivalence or something. Good song though. I don't like the opening lyrics and the way he sings them. Sounds too much like a whiny brat.

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