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Will Jonny release his score for "We need to talk about Kevin'' as an album?

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Probably. I'm not into that genre of music, which of those 3 albums would you recommend? I'm not a big fan of The Eraser either.


Discovering Jonny Greenwood off the "There Will Be Blood" OST is what got me into Radiohead in the first place. It's one of the most appropriate and eerie film scores of the past decade of cinema.


Come to think of it, the ending to "Climbing Up The Walls" is a great precursor to his work on TWBB.

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they are all amazing. anything that guy touches is gold. his first bodysong sounds like a "first" attempt at soundtracking (however the film itself is varied, so the soundtrack totally works), the next is more refined and that refinement continues. hes a smart guy and he will continue releasing smart, compelling material. i hope they at least digitally release it for fans. has anyone heard it, outside the film? any details of what they are called, etc? (usually found in the credits) im super interested to hear back and also see this!

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