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Take one song from each album...

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Make an album including a single track from each of the 8 proper studio albums. Also incorporate 1 b-side from anywhere in the catalog, as well as 1 as-of-yet unreleased track. So that's 10 tracks total, kids. Arrange them in whatever order seems best to you.


If you can be bothered to explain your choices, that will make this even more FUNTASTIC!!! I'll be back with my own answer to this shortly.


Ready, set, go!



ETA: Staircase, Daily Mail, IR bonus disc, etc. all count as b-sides. Unreleased means not officially released in any form, whether studio or live.

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My Iron Lung


Wolf at the Door

Big Boots

Climbing Up the Walls

Like Spinning Plates


Morning Bell


A Reminder


I'm considering changing out My Iron Lung for Street Spirit or something, same with Nude for All I Need, though I think it transitions into WATD well.

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This is the best I could think of:


Blow Out (acoustic)

Fake Plastic Trees

Paranoid Android


Pyramid Song

I Am Citizen Insane


House of Cards

Lotus Flower

The Daily Mail


"Optimistic" seems to be the only track off Kid A that doesn't quite fit in as well as the others in terms of sound and style, it's more a bridge from the OK Computer period. So it would work on a different album.


Also I don't think un-released tracks should count, they're unfinished works, so I just added a 2nd b-side.

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just going to not have any pablo honey songs cuz they don't mix well


Weird acoustic-like album

1. Go to Sleep

2. I Might Be Wrong

3. Gagging Order

4. Karma Police

5. Bulletproof... I Wish I Was

6. How to Disappear Completely

7. Give Up the Ghost

8. Faust Arp

9. True Love Waits

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  • 3 weeks later...

1. Creep (only thing i can appreciate off that album except maybe pop is dead)

2. Fake Plastic Trees (Although I am sick to death of this song, the vocals at the end can sometimes still capture me)

3. Karma Police (It's the reason I started loving Radiohead)

4. Everything in Its Right Place (almost went with Optimistic, but i've always loved Everything and just recently got into Optimistic)

5. Life in a Glass House (ALWAYS gives me the chills. Most underrated Radiohead song)

6. Scatterbrain

7. Reckoner (definately stands out as far as the typical Radiohead sound is concerned)

8. Separator (Still have yet to really love this album, but the TKOL is helping me to understand King of Limbs)

9. Fog or Fog(again) live (I love both versions equally)

10. Motion Picture Soundtrack acoustic (sort of unreleased. I don't know how legitimate The Real Ultra Rare Tracks album is)

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