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Please note that this thread is pure speculation, crazy theories and such regarding a simple question: Is radiohead gonna give us a ZMAS present??








So what do you people think?

A gift ?

A present (tense) ?

A free download ?

Just a post on DAS ?


so anyway, do you people think radiohead maaaaaaaaaaybe giving us something for xmas??


what do you wish?... ..


big boots?

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If I'm honest, I doubt they'll do anything for Christmas (or, indeed, Zmas), or if they do, it'll be minimal. Any kind of download would be odd, given that they released a single less than a week before Christmas. I'd like a DAS post like we had from Ed a couple of years ago. And we can always hope for a webcast :)

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so is this basically an unused domain or something? it makes me think of the website they threw up for the eraser. i highly doubt this is about lp9, unless they straight up lied to us about being on sabbatical. even httt wasn't written and recorded that fast. but they could possibly have one or two tracks ready to go, either that they recorded before (jack white's studio) or something that came out of their current sessions quickly that has a sound they don't want to pursue for an entire album but that they still want to release (like twisted words). or a webcast? which i would be fine with too, although i dunno if they've ever made an entire website just for a webcast before. my guess is that they're planning some sort of multi-media thing to have fun with and maybe tease new material, although i'm not going to get my hopes up that it will include any new full length studio recordings. a webcast is probably our best hope for getting a glimpse of how the new stuff is coming along.

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part of me is pretty desperate for a new radiohead studio recording though, i won't lie. even just one, guys, come on. afp and solo thom just aren't the same. basically the last new radiohead material was the staircase/daily mail single, which was great and all, but it was also just a niced-up version of a live performance from a webcast i had already heard, so really the last new radiohead recordings were that sequence of tkol -> record day single -> ftb webcast that took place over three months or so in what year? 2011 or something?


spooks will be nice, but it'll be nice the way feeling pulled apart by horses was nice IE it'll be interesting and nostalgic to hear an old forgotten cast-off get a new life, but it won't really be radiohead. it really does make the difference having all five of them involved.

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