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useless thread idea 062: people post what they find to be THE BEST of any category they choose, and if multiple things get posted for the same category there is a poll that gets put on the front page to see which thing really is THE BEST.  The featured poll will rotate.  For example, one might posit that THE BEST MEAT FOR BURGERS is bison.  THE BEST ALBUM OF 1970 is loaded.  THE BEST REASON TO CALL OUT OF WORK is spontaneous beach trip.  THE BEST PART OF HOME ALONE 2: LOST IN NEW YORK is when harry gets electrocuted and you see his skeleton.  THE BEST WAY TO END A RELATIONSHIP is faking your own death and immediately leaving the country to live in spain with a quite intelligent and brooding male model while you blackmail your beneficiary to send you monthly payments from your life insurance policy so that you can now afford to keep up with that slight coke habit you've picked up from your new lover.  THE BEST GLUE is probably actually an epoxy so this is a bad example. 


is there a thread of thread ideas yet, i looked i didn't find one.  i used the search function thank you berry much mods (*i think ihggy would know this for some reason)

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