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Disappointment. I live in Colorado (Mountain Time Zone). I stayed up until 2:30 AM . . . . kept going to waste.uk.com and clicking on TICKET SALES. The screen always said There are currently no tickets on sale. I figured this was because of my time zone. I finally went to bed, then woke-up at 6 AM, went to waste.uk.com, clicked on TICKET SALES, and it still said There are currently no tickets on sale. I was confused so I checked into the FORUM to see if guys had any updated info. Based on a post by Technocratic, it appears I was supposed to go to waste.uk.com and click on TOUR ANNOUNCEMENTS . . . . instead of TICKET SALES. Broomfield, CO is sold out. I just can't win! I tried to get tips from you guys here on the FORUM and I still lose. I have never seen Radiohead and now it doesn't look like it's gonna happen. I'm extremely disappointed. The screen says Tickets for all shows, with the exception of Broomfield, will be WILL CALL ONLY. Please, somebody explain what that means. Does it help me? Does it offer me other options? I want to get one ticket as close to the stage as possible. Just for me. I just don't know how this concert ticket stuff works. I have to go to work now. I drive a bus at a ski resort today and then at 5 PM, I go to my other job for 4 hours. I won't have online access again until probably 10:30 PM tonight. I'm extremely tired for staying up so late and then getting up so early. And I have nothing to show for it.

Please, somebody help me understand how this might affect me being able to get close to the stage (I don't need a seat; I don't mind standing): Tickets for all shows, with the exception of Broomfield, will be WILL CALL ONLY


I'll check back tonight for some feedback.

Does not help you at all. Just means that Broomfield tickets will be mailed out and all other dates from the presale will have their tickets only available to the purchaser as they go into the show. Cuts down on scalping. Looks like all other events are using TM Paperless Tickets. Broomfield uses Ticket Horse and they do not offer this type of delivery.

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Did anyone who got tickets keep getting the "YOU HAVE NO ITEMS IN YOUR BASKET" message after clicking on BUY TICKETS over and over? Or am I just wasting my time.


You missed the tickets for that city. Happened to me as well.



Got tickets for Tampa, FL for the 29th!! My tickets didn't have a seat assignment though, but the tickets sold on ebay have one. How does that work? Is it all like the NYC shows - general admission?


I'm assuming (could be wrong) that the presale tickets are for the floor (GA), but the tickets on Saturday will be all the seated areas.

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Don't give up, keep refreshing the page if you can.

Several people on AE were able to get tix just a few minutes ago.


Also the general onsale WILL have some GA tix, not just reserved. Waste only gets a percentage of each section.


I will be at all 3 Texas shows! :smoke_coo

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General tickets for all the shows go on sale Saturday at 10 AM -- I'm assuming the time corresponds to that of the venue. So if you missed presale, it's all good. There are more tickets you just wont get floor seats.


Are people are buying the scalped tickets? I said it before, but I don't see how it's going to work. Maybe I'm just trying to find a vent for my anger since I missed Houston tickets. Either way, I'll get something on Saturday so I'm not that worried.


That's false.

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Your credit card has been refused for the following reason


(5) - Possibly attempted to charge a zero amount. This error normally occurs when you are not using cookies which the e-shop needs to function properly.



please click the button below to try again



this is what i got

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After getting the empty basket a bunch of times? Tried the Florida venue and it showed available tix.


Yep, got the empty basket message with the continue here link which takes you back to buy tickets, etc. I did this with two tabs, going through the cycle over and over for like 35 minutes. I had read the same happened to people on waste central, so I kept going. I did NOT click refresh, I'm not sure if that would have worked.

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What city?


When I viewed a couple hours ago, it said all dates except both MO, AZ, and Tampa were sold out... maybe they put more up. I hope so!


St. Louis. I haven't seen it say sold out for any venue yet.

Honestly, I would keep trying until it says they're sold out.

Just forget the empty basket message and keep clicking continue, even when it keeps taking you back.

2 tickets were $151. $69 each plus fees.

There was a GA floor option and a booth option, they were the same price.

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I promise, it had them all listed except for the ones I said above. But I hope I'm wrong... I want everyone to get tickets. These scalpers selling them on eBay and Craigslist make me wanna murder someone.


That's crazy. Maybe they did allot more tickets or something.

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I just spoke with the "ticket manager" for the toyota center in houston, and he said they have GA floor seats that will be sold Saturday morning... although he couldn't tell me how many.


He told me the best bet for tickets is either online or calling in for a phone order. The venue and Randalls all share the same ticket inventory, so it's coming from the same pile so to speak. He did say if you call in it's extremely likely that you'll experience a wait time, much like a queue online.

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