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Your Radiohead playlists in general

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1. Pyramid Song

2. Kid A

3. Like Spinning Plates (live)

4. Codex

5. The Daily Mail


I assume this is your current Radiohead playlist? Because I change mine all the time, depending on what I'm in the mood to hear. My most recent one was:



Go Slowly

Lotus Flower

India Rubber


Blow Out

Inside My Head

Subterranean Homesick Alien

Let Down



Dollars and Cents

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Love the styles and genres covered over their catalogue so far. I try to mix and match my playlists with some. changes of tempo and style. This is one example:


My Iron Lung (live version)


There There

Climbing Up the Walls


The Gloaming


A Wolf at the Door


Let Down

Karma Police


The National Anthem


Life in a Glasshouse

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Amnesiac b-sides playlist:


1. Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses

2. The Amazing Sounds of Orgy

3. Kinetic

4. Fast-Track

5. Trans-Atlantic Drawl

6. Worrywort

7. Cuttooth

8. Fog


I included FPABH because it fits perfectly with the darker first half. Also, it was initially recorded during the Kid A/Amnesiac sessions, so it makes sense in the time frame.

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