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so for a bit ive been kicking around an idea of making an rh cover band for shits and giggles because all i ever seem to do is sing and learn their songs


and then i was like wait a minute, MT is a land of rh fans and many musicians


i think it would be absolutely rad of a bunch of us got together and recorded some songs or played shows or something


since we're all over the world maybe we could do bits remotely and whatnot (it is obviously a logistical nightmare but imo worth it)


i volunteer to sing, because when i try to sound like thom people are like hey that was good, and when i sing my own songs people just call me thom, and that may mean many things but i think one of them is that it could work for THIS


of course it could be a total fluid thing where we switch roles around


ANYWAY i have no idea how this will look until people express interest and then i suppose we'll see what we have and go from there


expect me to plug and bump this shamelessly



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