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Weird Fishes, Ed - AYYYYY

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I've always wondered what parts Ed sings on the albums. I know live he does a bunch of stuff, but other than Weird Fishes what else does he do?



I was about to post a very similar question. When I listen to albums, all (or all off the top of my head) of the backup vocals sound like Thom but during live performances Ed takes on that roll, and hes quite good. Ive always been curious if he actually does backup on the albums or if he only does it in live performances because Thom's not superhero enough to sing two things at the same time (actually maybe he is).


EDIT: he does Idioteque, a bunch of the songs from FTB (the first one), and probably some others I cant think of off the top of my head.

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I have no source for this BUT:


I thought I saw something once where Thom said he couldn't hit the "AAAYYYYYY" on the album and it actually is Ed.

yeah I don't doubt this. think I heard it, too. Ed had one terrible youtube live performance I've seen of The Tourist, but aside from that, he's been great in everything else I've heard. He takes his live singing parts seriously. really knows when to do his parts, that seriousness. except for those times when he looks lost.


one of my favorite Ed live moments is when he and Jonny craft the sound they release in the last part of Ideoteque. I think it's different every time. In the SNL performance, I think it's clear that Thom wants it way more quite, or maybe gone entirely. There have been some great live moments with that part. I love it when it sounds like audience 'booing' noise.

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he doesnt sing weird fishes on album thom does and thom also does the backing in there there which ed does live. poor ed

Yes he does. Thom tried to do them in the studio to replicate how they sounded live, but it didn't work with his vocals, so Ed did them. Same for (nice dream).

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It is not Ed on 2+2=5? I will be pissed off if it is and i didn't know until now. Pretty sure it's not.


According to Wikipedia - and we all know that place is totally reliable don't we? <_< - Thom and Ed share singing duties on 2+2=5.

If I may quote my source: vvv


The song is made of four sections. The first section is written in 7/8 time and features guitar arpeggios in drop D tuning played by Jonny Greenwood and muted handpops done by Ed O'Brien who picked the strings near the bridge of the guitar. It also features use of drum machine and is sung by Thom Yorke with falsetto by Ed O'Brien in harmony. A faint hi-hat drum beat can be heard.


The second section is written in common time and contains fingerpicked lead guitar by Jonny Greenwood and lightly strummed power chords by Ed O'Brien. It still continues the faint hi-hat pulse but without a drum machine and Thom and Ed O'Brien sing an octave apart with Thom singing in falsetto.

The third section is played more aggressively and Colin Greenwood's bass guitar and Thom Yorke's guitar come in. In the third section, Thom shouts and the power chords played are significantly louder. Phil Selway starts playing loudly on the drums rather than just a ticking hi-hat. Jonny still continues his lead guitar part.


The fourth section is based around a rhythmic guitar riff played by Thom, Ed and Jonny and features synthesizers and a brief guitar solo played by Jonny Greenwood. Thom Yorke and Ed O'Brien's singing is a mix of falsetto and aggressive shouting. The song comes to a sudden stop at the ending.

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