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Battle of the Bands 2011


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So this year the battle of the bands will change hands and be hosted by fanny and myself and bought to you by Cartwheels apparently. I'd like to thank Zach for all the work he's done in previous competitions (and for completely ripping off your threads), all of which have been a great success and hopefully this time we can make it even better. He will be sticking around as a mod and a participant but these have always ran pretty smoothly in the past so i see no reason why this year should be any different. Personally the botb's are my favourite thing about mt so whether you wana get people to critically listen to your music or whether you are happy to sit back and vote, get involved!


Anyway the deadline for 1st round submissions is MAY 1ST


The battle will start shortly afterwards.




how we go down.


Announce your participation in this thread! This works as a knockout competition in which you will face off with one other YA artist as posters vote for the tracks they like better. You will need a new song for every round you make it to. At most you will need 5-6 songs, meaning you need 5 or 6 songs if you make it all the way to the final round (most people don't). Send in MP3s to myself or Ed Nog, Soundcloud links are fine if not better. You can start sending those to us now. Order of preferred delivery of songs: Wall posts, thread posts, PMs (inbox fills up fast). Once a poll has ended and if your song won, you will have roughly 2-3 days to submit your next round song.


Rules: No Covers/Remixes. You may submit any solo project or song you have played within a band, however you must have played some type of instrument on the track or vocals (i.e., no managers, promoters etc). You can alternate between different solo projects, bands, etc of yours. No songs used in previous battles!


New Rules (probably) and if after you pass through to the next round and you fail to submit a new song within the deadline set, the loser of the previous round will have the opportunity to submit a song in your place or we will go to the best loser of the previous round. I'm sure this wont happen as most people have their own catalogue of material already however this will ensure everything runs smoothly and everyone gets the opportunity to put their song up against another. Also this probably wont happen but any dishonest votes will not be counted. For example just voting for friends without giving a musical explanation or reasoning to the choice. This is not saying you have to give a reason for any votes you make but if there seems like a genuine case of bias, then we will intervene.


Voting: vote for the poster in the given poll based on all of their songs so far. In round one, this is meaningless. But in round two, three etc, you should consider all of the poster's songs and all the songs of his or her competitor before voting. No alias votes/double voting (the mods will be watching).



Kafka is the current holder of this prestigious accolade so yeah ask him for tips or cash for votes i dno.. Pm, wall us or post in this thread for questions but don't be shy with joining, if the stuff you record isn't great quality or if you are not particularly confident, don't worry, there is nothing to lose, yet everything to gain....






A Link to all the tracks here



Faille Temporaire vs Voyeurs

Athalon vs Sampoda

Hillhouse vs Tommy Praisewater

Oh Well vs Fallen Parrot

Stereo Disconnect vs Liquid Lunch

Yurji vs Kyriakos Ioannou

Namehere vs Moon Bear

How Scandinavian vs The Toy


A Download to all the track excluding cartwheels here




Tristan Eichhorn vs Sea Lions

Cris Brackenridge vs Emoticonman

The Slave Trade vs Roger Mindwater

AB4F vs Oreon

Dorcia vs Pignoah

Blackjacket vs A Little Child

Ever Somber vs Count+Step




Round 2


The Gloaming vs Athalon012

Nicholas Gray vs Gordx

Kafka vs Cartwheels

Moon Bear vs The Toy

Tristan vs Emoticonman

Roger Mindwater vs Oreon

Pignoah vs Blackjacket

Into The Sun vs Whitewash



Quarter Finals


Athalon012 vs Gordx

Kafka vs The Toy

Tristan vs Oreon

Blackjacket vs Whitewash

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Guest A little child

I'm in.


I am a little worried though about submitting songs with just me and my guitar. I could use drum machines and stuff I guess but I'd be a little pushed for time. I'll try.

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I'm pretty sure I'll join this one. I'm about to record something new today so I'll have something new to throw in.

I also have mine planned out to 6 songs. I don't believe I'll get that far, but it's always good to be prepared. Wish me luck!

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Count Step

This is extremely nit-picky, but although my name is, indeed, pronounced "count step"…I tend to consistently and always spell it "Count+Step", shortening it to "C+S" if necessary.


Not that you have to change it, just saying in case there are any official releases where I might possibly be listed.


/Tried not to come off as annoyed or anything. Just pointing it out. Smiley face. :D :D :D >:D

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