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Albert and Nigel - A short story

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im writing a couple of short stories for uni and was hoping to get some feedback. id be glad if anyone were to read it and let me know their thoughts




Albert and Nigel shared a love-hate relationship. Nigel loved Albert. Albert hated Nigel. Albert was a chubby nine year old whose freckles did not match his glasses. Nigel was a dog. Albert and Nigel spent every moment together because they were best friends.


Albert’s parents had noticed that he spent his afternoons alone. They were unsure of whether he was just a private child or if he was unpopular with the other children. Either way they felt he would benefit from more company. So they decided to buy him a dog. It was a scruffy Jack Terrier cross something else. They knew Albert would love him very much.


Albert was introduced to the new pet and was told it was his. He could name it anything he wanted; perhaps something cool like Spike or Rocket. All the kids at school had cool names like Dave or Carlos. He was called Albert. This was not a cool name because the other kids told him so. No, he would not give the dog a cool name. He would call him Nigel.


Albert was fat. Nigel was thin. None of the kids at school liked Albert because he was fat. It was only a matter of time before Nigel felt the same way. So Albert began fattening Nigel up. He found out Nigel’s favourite treats and made sure to feed him them as much as possible. Soon Nigel grew large and saggy around his belly. Albert knew now that they could stay friends. However when Albert noticed how lazy and ugly Nigel became, it disgusted him.


Arriving home from school one day Albert was covered in paint. Kids at school had filled water balloons with paint and thrown them at him after school. Albert came inside and found water balloons and paint of his own. He would have his revenge. He took the paint balloons he had made and went into the backyard. He found Nigel and began hurling them at him. At first Nigel enjoyed the game until one broke squarely on his nose. The whelp he let out gave Albert chills.


Albert took the paint covered Nigel into the bath. He began cleaning him because he knew he had done something very wrong. Nigel had not deserved that to happen. As he sat in the bath and looked at Nigel, he realized Nigel still loved him. Albert thought to himself this was just another thing wrong with Nigel.


Albert’s parents asked him if he would like Nigel to stay in his room. Albert did not want to say no. He would be allowed to if Albert toilet trained Nigel. They said it would be a bonding experience for the two. Albert wasn’t exactly sure what a Bond-ing experience was meant to be. However he was quite certain Nigel would make a shit secret agent. Shit was a word Albert had recently learned. He was familiar because the kids at school called him it. It was a cool word to use because they said so. They would know because they were cool.


So Albert began teaching Nigel to use the newspaper toilet. Very soon all his number 1s and number 2s were strategically placed in the middle of the newspaper. Albert’s parents joked it had taken 2 years to toilet train Albert and only 2 weeks to train Nigel. Nigel was a talented dog indeed and he wasn’t being a very good friend. Albert knew you should never show up your friends. When he was 7 years old he beat his friend Jimmy while playing Nintendo. They weren’t friends anymore.


Albert was walking home from the bus stop when he noticed that Nigel was waiting for him in his driveway. He made eye contact with Nigel and felt that he was loved more than ever before. Albert was suspicious. Nigel excitedly dragged his belly along the ground in order to meet Albert across the road. Just before Nigel made it to the other side he burst like a paint balloon under the wheel of a car. A faster dog would have crossed in time. Albert stared and wondered whether Nigel was dead. Bits and pieces of Nigel were spread all across the road. He probably was. Albert lay down and began to cry. He cried, because Nigel was his best friend.

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