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Liam Gallagher tells Radiohead to 'go fuck yourselves

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Comforting to know we can still count on the dopey Gallagher to spurt forth pearls of wisdom for the enlightenment of a severely dwindling target market... and the entertainment of the rest of us. :wacko: :lol:


If I didn't know better, I could be forgiven for thinking the Quietus had interviewed my Other Half due to the similarity of his and Liam's public speaking styles ;) (Of course no true love of mine would dare direct such a venomous tongue-lashing against Radiohead and still expect to escape with their crown jewels intact.)

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douchebags can still make good music, wouldn't hold that against the music. not fan of oasis though

doubt he's being all serious. either he's taking the piss or he's fully aware how much of an ass he is and just puts on a show. either way it gets him publicity

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