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My first novel, published and on sale.


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hello there, new friends!


as i mentioned in another thread, i write creative non-fiction (stories that are 95% true or so). this month i had the great privilege of publishing my first novel online, as an ebook and in paperback. it's pretty sweet and represents five years of writing across 14 short stories. i've devoted my life to sharpening and developing my voice and style as a non-fiction author for the last six straight years and i feel pretty damn good about how book #1 ended up.


it's only on amazon.com right now (not sure why it's not on amazon.co.uk), and it's only ten bucks (seven pound, i think). if you're not sure you want to throw away ten bucks on writing by some dude you've never heard of, please feel free to read the pieces at the following links. they're both in the book and represent its style pretty well:





in rainbows (specifically "reckoner") plays a pretty big part in the first story there, but the whole book is about life as a Gen-Y outsider making sense of school, jobs, pregnancy, women, tattoos, wu-tang and a fear of water. also, every penny i make from this is going straight back into supporting my wife and baby, and i'm in this for all i've got - no help from advertising, managers, literary agents, publishing houses, anything - so don't take this book as some get-rich-quick scheme by me. i really poured five years of my life into it and i wouldn't charge a cent more than i think it's worth.


that's all. here's the link.




thanks guys. :) if you don't want to buy it, please do me a big favor and pass this onto your friends. i'm doing my best to get my name out there (even going to various bookstores and trying to set up readings and signings and stuff) and every little bit helps.

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