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The Rules


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With the King of Limbs has come a huge influx of new posters. That along other instances where there were complaints about ambuguity in the rules led us moderators to decide we needed to update the official rules.


There is really only one rule at Mortigi Tempo: Don't be an asshole. If that's not clear enough (and it will be for most people), here's a partial list of do nots:


No trolling

No spamming

No inflammatory language (including racist, sexist, homophobic and threatening rhetoric)

No NSFW material (including porn, gore, etc)

No thread shitting and no excessive, needless multi-posting

No posting of personal information of other members

-Things like addresses, phone numbers, etc are obviously off-limits

-If you post something about someone and they ask you to stop, stop.

Signatures must be less than or equal to 400 pixels in length and 500 KB in size

Post new topics in the correct forum and only post them in one forum


This is an incomplete list of forum rules. Administrators and moderators will always act in the best interest of the board. If new precedents arise, they will be acted upon in a way that is best for the community. What I'm driving at is that if you come up with new, innovative ways of being an asshole, you didn't beat the system just because you're not in violation of an explicitly stated rule.


We also felt it important to note that all moderators have PM boxes. If any of this is unclear, or you have suggestions, or you don't know how to determine the pixel length of you sig image, etc., let someone know.

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