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  1. 1. Will there be a new album released and/or announced on October 13?

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What can we infer from this guy and his twitter? I'm not too familiar with the concept of Chieftan Mews, other than the most gigantic mouth, so any info is relevant to me. If you notice his background, it looks like an obvious reference to "burn the witch". he also has a post that says he's "hidden inside the 8-track" and that "LISTEN: The heart is the king of limbs, and all other limbs are just like soldiers..." what do you guys think this is all about


The three main organs are the heart, the brain, and the liver. So, if the heart is the king of limbs...then the brain would be the i don't know what the hell i'm talking about.

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Radiohead are at their most unpredictable at the moment. Brace yourself for anything, including absolutely nothing but who really knows ?


I'm hoping The Newspaper Album, is LP9, a completely separate thing from The King Of Limbs.

that last sentence almost got me to order the newspaper album right now. almost.



i really just don't want to deal with having to wait for a package arrive as i'm at an apt. and it means i usually have to check and ask if a package has arrived...i guess that's not that big of a deal haha. hmmm.

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