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The King of Limbs: Favourite Track


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  1. 1. What's your favourite track from the King of Limbs

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Give it some time.


I had some of the same feeling (not as strong as you put it though) but after some listens, its starting to get better and better. It just feels like a very "solid" record now if you know what I mean. "Well made" is the phrase Im looking for

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I think the album is disappointing! This is like some b-sides stuff here. No intensity on any track at all. Where the fuck is Jonny on this album? And all the drumming, if there is any is just one pattern repeating, so Phil is a no show as well. Colin has a few nice moments but nothing compared to what I've come to expect from him. And Thom, he's great as always, but this album is almost entirely falsetto, and no "punch" at all. No fucking moments of sheer intensity to speak of. Just so mellow and tame. I'm disappointed as hell frankly. I think this is a major mis-step. I know its early, and some songs might grow on me, but man...just so meh...


I was disappointed with IR too, but at least there were 5 SOLID tracks on that album and 5 OK ones. This is more like 4 ok tracks, and 4 fillers.


I'm just in awe that they would release it.

I disagree, there is alot more guitar, bass,and drums on this album than people are giving it credit for. Its just not overly any of them which is good. I think Bloom got a lot of people syked out.

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"Codex" and "Separator" hooked me from the first listening

but by now i've listened the album about 20 times(if not more , yesterday and today :wub: ) and grew up in all songs

psychodelic astral trips-that is how i would call the autmosphere. its captivating, carrying away, "I think the most important thing about music is the sense of escape" © Thom Yorke, I totally agree, so we have it in this album for 100%

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