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This album has one good song......codex. The rest is absolute shit. At least that's my first impression. There might be 3 other songs that might grow on me but considering there's only eight to choose from, I'm really glad I paid $14.99 US for the pleasure.


Kind of falls in place with everything Radiohead has done since OK Computer. Wait years for the next cd so you can really like one or two songs or pretend that something like "the rain drops" at the end of Sit Down Stand Up didn't ruin the song. Those shitty noises at the end of Videotape were just the icing on the cake too. Why not just screech a violin over a microphone to add more feeling? Don't use the strings.......that'd almost be like playing a guitar. Heaven forbid Radiohead use one of those without some useless jazz vibe to it. Your appeal from the beginning wasn't the jazz in you.


Could this band let the techno shit go for once? For Christ sake Radiohead, Stairway To Heaven wouldn't have been a better song if it started off with stupid computer blips and beeps. Windows 7 blipped to let me know that I downloaded the new cd...........I didn't need to hear more of that when playing it.


I could have sworn that Radiohead used to play instruments. Other than piano and bass, the drums could be replaced with a drum machine.


OH and for the Love of God Himself Thom, could you just belt out a falsetto note instead of singing it in a wimpy whimper? You know, like you did in the bridge part of Creep? RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. If you had done it the wimpy, jazzy, techno way, it might not have sounded so good. Hell, even Prince belts it out after starting with falsetto and he's not most masculine guy on the planet.


I was listening to Push/Pulk Revolving Bore (or whatever the hell that song's called) the other day and I thought to myself, you know...there's shitty songs that you can't come back from too.


Thanks for the waste of time boys and maybe it's time to just call it a day. You're over 40 so let the techno go or just let go all together.


If you hate this post then you know how I feel about the new CD. I didn't even charge $14.99 so consider yourself lucky.


If you disagree with anything I've said then you're wrong.


God bless and cheers to one and all!! :)


All we are saying, is give peace a chance.

ban this dumbass

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All weekend I have listened to it on the headphones, and on the surround. Tonight I have to go in for a midnight shift so it will be on in the truck for my 45 minute drive (night driving...YAY)

Then tomorrow morning I'll listen to it on the way home as the sun comes up.

You probably don't give a shit, but I'm pretty excited to listen to it in both settings.

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Hmm...nope I got my hopes up too high yesterday. The band has lost me with this one; the greater focus on rhythms and grooves doesn't appeal to me. It's alright, perfectly listenable, but that's about it. Although Give up the Ghost is just lame (backing vocals in particular).


No longer feel any desire to listen to it, and when I get to that point there's usually no point in trying anymore because I can't convince myself to be interested. It's not a case of heightened expectations either, because I have had absolutely no idea of what Radiohead have been doing for about the past year and haven't listened to any bootlegs; I genuinely didn't know what to expect.

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I now view their catalog like this:

Part 1:

The bends

Ok computer

Part 2:

Kid A



Part 3:

In Rainbows



Part 1 is the formative stage. Part 2 is the expiremental stage. Part 3 is the maturation stage. It'll be interesting to see where things go from here.


Um... what was Pablo Honey?


Junior high?

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Back to TKOL. Side two is leaps and bounds better. I think fans of Amnesiac are loving it. But as someone who doesn't like Amnesiac, stuff like Feral and Little by Little are just a little too out there. I wish the whole album could be as good as side two. I already knew GUTG was great, but I seriously think Separator is their best closer yet. It's very refreshing, even uplifting. And I already prefer Codex to the majority of their previous piano ballads. So I'm split. And I want more! 8 is not enough!

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ok i think i'm actually getting exhausted from listening to this, gonna be my last listen and then i'll put it away for awhile.


and by awhile i probably mean like 4 hours but whatever.

:lol: i had to study for a bit, most excruciating thing.


when i was coming home just now out of nowhere it was snowing like crazy. me walking with bloom plus the snow and wind in my face/whiteout conditions, barely anyone around was pure bliss. as i was about to get home codex hit and goddamn.

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