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Found 2 results

  1. Ok, i dunno where to post this, but here it is: I thought that maybe it would be convenient to hear all the songs in one place and how would a pre-pablo honey album would sound like. I tried to make tracks flow and fit with eachother. This compilation features only the songs that were not revisited by radiohead and were not released in studio form by radiohead, except for "Shindig" which is a very different demo of "Maquiladora" and "Nothing Touches Me (Live 1992)" which is a soundboard quality version played after they changed their name to Radiohead, that may even sound better than the "studio" version. Some of the songs are remastered and pitch-corrected by a youtube user zararity ( https://www.youtube....6SBpBZI2-d9HjfQ ), the 1986 demo tape songs were noise reduced and fake stereoed by me, so they may sound better than the original youtube uploads by klootme. We still don't have "mountains (on the move)", "in the breeze" and "lock the door". Did anyone tried to contact her? Under the "Everybody knows" video she said that she uploaded only the best songs. CD1: CD2: CD3 (Bonus): Download: http://www.mediafire...986-1992%29.rar Tracklist: CD1: 01 - Nothing Touches Me 02 - Give It Up 03 - What's That You See 04 - Mr. B 05 - Somebody Else 06 - Happy Song 07 - Dance Sucka 08 - Lemming Trail 09 - Tell Me Bitch 10 - To Be A Brilliant Light 11 - Burning Bush CD2: 01 - Climbing Up A Bloody Great Hill 02 - Fragile Friend 03 - Life With The Big F 04 - Fat Girl 05 - Phillipa Chicken 06 - Upside Down 07 - New Generation 08 - Sinking Ship 09 - Everybody Knows 10 - Keep Strong 11 - Girl (In The Purple Dress) CD3 (Bonus): 01 - Nothing Touches Me (Live 1992) 02 - Give It Up (1991 Version) 03 - What Is That You Say (1991 Version) 04 - Rattlesnake 05 - Shindig (Maquiladora Early Demo) 06 - Swing (Live 1991) 07 - Phillipa Chicken (Live 1991) You can also read this interesting alternate history wiki page about an alternate reality where radiohead released 2 albums before pablo honey and "The Eraser" was also a radiohead album: http://althistory.wi...c_Hedgehog_(ADF ) http://althistory.wi...The_Eraser_(ADF)
  2. I am selling a very rare On a Friday demo tape from 1986 at auction on 14 Sep 2013. I am not aware of another one coming up for sale ever. The tape has been publicised on NME.com and many other music websites but am posting it here to reach other Radiohead fans who may be interested. Links below for reference: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RADIOHEAD-On-a-Friday-Demo-1986-OAF-Cassette-Rare-and-Unreleased-/111155463989?pt=UK_Music_Cassettes_GL&hash=item19e161c735 http://www.the-saleroom.com/en-gb/auction-catalogues/omega-auctions/catalogue-id-2889572/lot-18967790
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