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Found 6 results

  1. I'm pretty sure situations like these inspired this song..
  2. Please share your thoughts! Anyone going? I'm still really confused about the set-up of this festival because apparently it's done in 3 cities (Tokyo/Osaka/Chiba) simultaneously, from 20 - 21 August. I still haven't found out yet WHERE are Radiohead going to be playing and on WHAT date. Tickets are quite expensive, so I don't want to spend my hard-earned (and converted to yen) money to be in the wrong venue/day. Ideas?
  3. First time poster, long time lurker. Hi everyone. https://twitter.com/SavageBeastPod/status/727182545599623168 I hit refresh a million times on radiohead.com yesterday. This is a simple mechanical task that a bot could also do. So I made a bot to do that. @savagebeastpod on Twitter will tweet out any change from the current content ("\n") within 60 seconds of it happening. I'm sure Thom would appreciate the irony of you using an impersonal, alienating script to learn about the (potential) release of his art. Thanks for checking it out.
  4. It's close for me, but I really love Wake Me and think that it could be developed beautifully. What if they didn't touch the beginning or created something similar in style, and then slowly let the song descend into a controlled chaos so that it starts out clean and composed and progresses into utter desperation--a whirlwind of hysterical and tortured melodies and riffs. Probably not gonna happen but it's still my favorite
  5. Hold on to your butts: 1. Come to Your Senses 2. Man of War 3. The Present Tense 4. Identikit 5. Open the Floodgates 6. Cut a Hole 7.Skirting on the Surface 8. Ful Stop 9. Lift
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