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Found 4 results

  1. This is an open invitation for all MTers who enjoy drawing and would like to do it on a more regular basis (and share their work here!) Basically, we will establish a drawing theme to run with each monday and see what everyone did with it by the end of the week. The rules and challenges will definitely evolve as we go on. Your suggestions and ideas are very welcome! OK, these are the weekly challenges: 1. That Place on the Outskirts of Town (Gallery) 2. Space Penguins (Gallery) 3. A Russian Beauty (Gallery) 4. Drawing Jukebox (Gallery)
  2. seola

    mt dollhouse

    Drawing challenge Draw mters as 'dolls' within a 'dollhouse' or alternative reality. Draw in any medium including sculpture, sound, hand-drawn, writing etc. no deadline?
  3. old pinch


    hey yall, i wrote a song: https://soundcloud.com/sam-daoust-1/sleep-at-home
  4. send me your songs for "part 2" of the MT compilation that ad hoc was trying to assemble. if you want to be on it, POST in this thread and check in. i know some people might already have stuff for it, but maybe some new people wanna be on it too. if anyone has a list or some idea of who was supposed to be on it, let me know because i have no clue. send files to handglops @ gmail . com send me .WAVs if possible, because bandcamp requires them. otherwise i'll have to transcode.
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