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Found 7 results

  1. chillphin

    City Pop

    After discovering Mondo Grosso last year I found out about this lost genre that was extremely popular in Tokyo and other big Japanese cities during the late 80s and throughout the 80s stuff like this: and it seems to be going through a strange resurgence right now (with a confusing but welcome vaporwave aesthetic no less ) or at least being revived by nostalgia i know MT is a bit of a ghost town as I write this but I'll be curating this thread —with songs and YouTube playlists— somewhat regularly ( ; vv or hannah if you end up reading this, i'd like to hear from y'all thx
  2. Hi all, I live in Shanghai, China and I am grateful (and lucky) enough to be able to go see Radiohead in August when they hit Japan. The Summer Sonic Festival takes place over two days in Tokyo and Osaka with most artists playing both and just swapping days. Please, does ANYONE have ANY information on what day they are playing Osaka????? This is really important for travel plans as I don't want to waste money on seeing Fergie, Weezer and a bunch of EDM DJs and mediocre bands. Any info gratefully appreciated! Ross
  3. Summer Sonic Osaka 1 Day Pass for Sale (20th Aug) I am a Radiohead fans from Hong Kong. I have 2 extra Summer Sonic Osaka Tickets and I would like to sell at discount price. Details as follow: Summer Sonic 1 day Premium Pass Location: Osaka Date: 20th Aug, 2016 Price: USD186 per person (original price is USD270) Please feel free to contact me if you are interested. I will discuss with you about the details on ticket collection and money transfer. Name: Oliver Mui email: muileunghk@gmail.com
  4. http://www.theblackeditions.com/announcement/ siiiiiiiiick
  5. i have become a fan of this show over the past few months. it's great! http://www.crunchyroll.com/polar-bear-cafe a couple good clips form you tube
  6. Has anyone else read anything by him? i've only read nip the buds, shoot the kids (bad translation though) and teach us to outgrow our madness (great translation. it was by john nathan, if you are into translators of japanese)they were both really good. maybe i'll say more about him but i'm not sure what to say yet!
  7. Is anyone here going to try for WASTE tickets? Or planning on going? Edit: sorry this is in the wrong thread, I realize it should be elsewhere...
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