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  1. So basically, you choose your favorite and least favorite song on each album. (You are NOT allowed to choose Fitter Happier,Treefingers, or Hunting Bears as least favorites because that would be taking the easy way out ) Example Pablo Honey F- Creep (Still an awesome song after all these years) LF-Lurgee (Not too bad, just forgettable) The Bends F-Street Spirit (Still gives me chills every time) LF-Planet Telex (I know, shocking, but I've never got into that song) OK Computer F-The Tourist (Incredibly hard choice, but this song just blows me away and is the best album closer ever made IMO) LF-Hmmmmmm... I'm going to say Karma Police because it is the only song on this album that I am even slightly sick of Kid A F-The National Anthem (This song is the definition of insanity ) LF-This was even harder to choose than OKC, but I'll go with In Limbo because it captivates me slightly less than the others Amnesiac F-You And Whose Army? (Another beautiful song, and love Thom's compressed voice and how it slowly builds up) LF-Dollars & Cents (Again, hard to choose, but this one dosen't jump out at me like the others) Hail To The Thief F-2+2=5 (This was the2 nd hardest to choose, but this wins for sheer awesomeness) LF-Backdrifts (Forgettable compared to the other tracks) In Rainbows F-All I Need (THIS was the hardest to choose, but this song is the reason why all those people lie down in Just. Absolutely beautiful) LF-Videotape (On an album by any other band this would be the best song, but here it is the worst IMO. Still love it though.) The King Of Limbs F-Give Up The Ghost (Never heard anything quite like it) LF-Little By Little (I haven't really gotten into it) So there you go!
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