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Found 4 results

  1. http://greenplastic.com/mortigi/ you could view general discussion as a single forum or filter it down more if you wanted http://greenplastic.com/mortigi/categories/general it had html oh my god jonathan almost gave us everything jesus christ what is wrong with you peopel
  2. ok it seems like the mods are getting frustrated with me for making so many new threads in About MT and GP. so i will use this thread to collect all of my ideas about how to improve MT (new sub-forum ideas, new feature suggestions, etc etc)... all of my $1,000,000 ideas. at least one per day (this thread counts as today's) others are welcome to contribute... this is a judgement free zone. feel free to go "out there." as long as they are relevant to MT. HOWEVER, please come prepared. that means at least a few details on how your ideas might be implemented, appropriate contact info, etc. i don't want this to turn into "The Suggestion Box" (maybe a new sub-forum? seem i am full of $1,000,000 ideas!), where folks just complain. the only way we're gonna "WOW" the mods is with solid presentations and good, concrete, useful suggestions!
  3. listed in order of descending average posts per thread: 78.16 - Sports 64.23 - Sex, Health, and Relationships 50.85 - General Chat 40.25 - Current Events 35.60 - Other Music 31.03 - Moving Pictures 30.20 - About MT and GP 29.53 - General Radiohead Talk* 26.53 - Arts Forum* 25.53 - Computer Geekdom 23.10 - Live Talk 22.23 - General Radiohead Talk 21.00 - Side Projects 20.69 - Arts Forum 18.97 - Your Art 05.07 - Radiohead News *average posts per thread minus child forums
  4. please change it because i keep thinking kid1 is back and it is confusing me when you make a post talking about laura viers. can't handle it.
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