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Found 7 results

  1. Check out this cover of Weird Fishes by this chick. RAD.
  2. What is your ranking of radiohead's discography? Mine goes like this: 1. Kid A 2. In Rainbows (the only album where there isnt one mediocre song) 3. Ok Computer 4. The Bends 5. Amnesiac 6. The King of Limbs 7. Hail to the Thief (if only they cut two or three of the songs towards then end + sail to the moon) 8. Pablo Honey
  3. So i've covered House of Cards (In Rainbows) for some time now. One random play through i realized that the chords sounded like they'd work well with Cuttooth (Amnesiac). In the middle of a verse in HoC i switched from "No matter how it ends. No matter how it starts" to "I will leave this wallpaper life, and run away to the foreign legion" almost seamlessly. From there i looked up the full lyrics to Cuttooth (because i didnt know it in full from memory), and began creating a diagram mashing the two songs together. It worked splendidly, and after a bit a practice i've got it flowing nearly as well as any other song. I had also made the connection some time ago that Cuttooth and Myxomatosis have two lines of lyric in common "I don't know why i feel so tongue tied. I don't know why i feel so skinned alive.", so i decided to incorporate this as well to the mash-up. So in the final result i've got a HoC and Cuttooth mashup, with a dab of Myxo near the end. I've got a neat little chart outlining the structure that i will link. My question here is. How many people would be interested in me putting the time into making a legitimate recording of this to post in the future? If i get enough support for it i would be more than happy to put the time and effort into making it. As of right now im perfectly happy with playing it live whenever i feel like it, but i feel that it is a worthy of sharing with those who would appreciate it! let me know what you guys think. Thanks! EDIT: THE COVER WILL BE DONE, BUT I"VE BEEN BUSY WITH HOLIDAYS AND WHATNOT. SHOULD BE DONE SOMETIME NEXT WEEK.
  4. Would this be ethical? (Like if it didn't suck completely)
  5. This is a cover I made for Faust Arp, playing piano and strings... Hope you enjoy it as much as I did recording !
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