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  1. mt was born today and i'll tell you how jonathan opened it up and let us postttt
  2. should move to chicago, and we can form slint 2.0
  3. radiohead will announce that they are breaking up on monday
  4. i paid money and all i got was THIS what a rip off!
  5. edit: nvm original link worked for downloading im just STUPID AS FUCK DUDE
  6. putting up a mediafire file up in a few minutes for you fuckin punx this is really good, holy shit
  7. the ep reissues look SO FUCKING STUPID ON VINYL,
  8. this its not like radiohead is some small band that we all hold dear to us. i mean for fucks sake they played the grammys. get over it
  9. nibs you got too much time on your hands edit: go hide in the corner
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